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About Vajazzle Designs

Vajazzle designs are a UK based company with the sole aim of bringing you the latest vajazzle kits and designs at low prices throughout the UK, delivered next day. We offer discounts on orders and will be offering wholesale and routine vajazzle kit supply to you and your customers.


Vajazzling, or, to vajazzle yourself, is to apply SWAROVSKI crystal tattoo designs to your body (usually around the shaven haven!) or you could be applying the crystals individualy in your chosen design or pattern by hand (with the use of tweezers and eyelash glue). Many vajazzle designs can be purchased, from hearts, fireworks, peace signs etc.Though you dont have to limit your vajazzling to the sensual side, why not bling your phone or laptop, even swarovski themselves teamed up with philips to help sparkle there new USB sticks of all things!

Where did this all come from?

Well, body art with crystals is nothing new to thespians and nightclubbers alike, but it has never really been seen in the public eye as much since the revelations of Jennifer Love Hewits book, which made vajazzling an instant craze, and said by many to be  a "thing for 2011". The actual term “vajazzle” was conceived by Jennifer Love Hewitt when she publicly announced on Lopez Tonight “ Swarovski crystaled her precious lady”.

Well to be hosnest, I think vajazzling is for anyone. It has taken another name in some circles, namely “penazzle” (i’ll leave you to figure out why) and clitter. Like mentioned previously, vajazzle kits can be used anywhere, such as your upper body, lower body, on accessories, electronics, in theatre productions, for night club promotions, decoration, you name it.

Obviously sticking crystals anywhere other than your vajayjay wouldn’t really be seen as “vajazzling” , but I cant see many people splitting hairs, especially considering the way it all came about!

What are the funny AB colour crystals all about?

AB Crystal (Aurora Borealis), a special metalic coating applied by swarovski to create stunning effects on there crystals. AB creates a rainbow effect when having light refract through it. ,