How to Apply Your Vajazzle

Applying your vajazzle couldnt be easier, obviously if your applying to your own spine it may be a problem, but other than that:

  1. Clean the area to be vajazzled with the included alco wipe (shave first if needs be!) .
  2. Peel off the plastic backing from your vajazzle, being careful not to peel off any crystals (if you do peel any off, simply oplace them back onto the film).
  3. Place your vajazzle onto the chosen area and firmly press down onto the tattoo, holding for a minute to allow the adhesive to warm up and take a hold of your skin!
  4. At a sharp angel,  back-peel the plastic from your skin (like a plaster) taking care not to pull any vajazzle crystals from your skin
  5. Sparkle the night away 

We will have some detailed images for you, to further explain the method of vajazzling!